Ear Pinning

Ear Pinning also known as an Otoplasty or Prominent Ear Correction is a surgical procedure used to re-set the position of prominent ears, moving them closer in towards the head.

What is it?

  • Ear correction surgery is used to set back prominent ears in both adults and in children to restore confidence and give a more attractive look to ears
  •  It can be performed on one or both ears as necessary
  • Very large ear lobes can be reduced at the same time if required

What it can’t do?

  • Ear correction surgery can not completely alter the shape of ears or improve hearing in any way

What’s involved?

  • Your surgeon will make a cut down the back of one or both ears
  • the cartilage inside is then trimmed, sculpted or folded using fine stitches if needed
  • The cuts are then stitched up and bandages are applied to hold your ears firmly in their new positions
  • The procedure takes around one to two hours to complete, depending upon the amount of work required
  • You will have either a local or a general anaesthetic and it’s unlikely you will have to stay over in hospital

Your recovery

  • Your bulky bandages will be removed after about three to four days, after which a head band will need to be worn at night for two weeks
  • You can expect to recover fully within two weeks
  • It is wise to avoid any activity that may cause your ears to bend for at least one month following surgery

Possible side effects

  • You may experience nausea from the anaesthetic, followed by bruising, swelling and some soreness
  • You may even notice a slight loss of hearing as a result of the swelling but this should last no longer than a few days
  • In general, all side effects should have subsided within a week

Your results

  • Ear correction surgery is a permanent procedure to set back or reshape ears
  • Because cuts are made behind your ears, small scars are left close to the groove between the ear and the side of your head