Ear Pinning

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Ear Pinning also known as an Otoplasty or Prominent Ear Correction is a surgical procedure used to re-set the position of prominent ears, moving them closer in towards the head.

What is it?

  • Ear correction surgery is used to set back prominent ears in both adults and in children to restore confidence and give a more attractive look to ears
  •  It can be performed on one or both ears as necessary
  • Very large ear lobes can be reduced at the same time if required

What it can’t do?

  • Ear correction surgery can not completely alter the shape of ears or improve hearing in any way

What’s involved?

  • Your surgeon will make a cut down the back of one or both ears
  • the cartilage inside is then trimmed, sculpted or folded using fine stitches if needed
  • The cuts are then stitched up and bandages are applied to hold your ears firmly in their new positions
  • The procedure takes around one to two hours to complete, depending upon the amount of work required
  • You will have either a local or a general anaesthetic and it’s unlikely you will have to stay over in hospital

Your recovery

  • Your bulky bandages will be removed after about three to four days, after which a head band will need to be worn at night for two weeks
  • You can expect to recover fully within two weeks
  • It is wise to avoid any activity that may cause your ears to bend for at least one month following surgery

Possible side effects

  • You may experience nausea from the anaesthetic, followed by bruising, swelling and some soreness
  • You may even notice a slight loss of hearing as a result of the swelling but this should last no longer than a few days
  • In general, all side effects should have subsided within a week

Your results

  • Ear correction surgery is a permanent procedure to set back or reshape ears
  • Because cuts are made behind your ears, small scars are left close to the groove between the ear and the side of your head


Prices for Ear Pinning are from £ 2,120.00

Your Ear Pinning Surgery will normally be performed under a Local or General Anaesthetic.

It may involve a one night stay in the Clinic.

Prices include all your pre-surgery consultation and unlimited support and appointments after your procedure.

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before-and-after-photos-breast-reduction-with-nipple-graft-3 before-and-after-photos-breast-reduction-with-nipple-graft-4

This patient sought a breast reduction as she was extremely self-conscious of the size and appearance of her breasts. What’s more they were causing her considerable back pain. Given her double KK cup size the patient also found it difficult to find clothing and underwear to fit, causing extra expense and inconvenience. To help reduce the breasts to a more average size we removed 1638 grams of tissue from one of her breasts and 1632 from the other, resulting in more balanced breasts. We also performed a nipple graft which resulted in much higher and firmer breasts.

breast-reduction-before-and-after-1 breast-reduction-before-and-after-2

The photographed patient was suffering from the weight and size of her breasts as they were causing her considerable discomfort and back ache. She came to us to solve this problem and to achieve a result that would fit her frame. We removed 250 grams of breast tissue in order to achieve this, giving the patient a more appropriate cup size. To produce the most pleasing results we combined the breast reduction surgery with a nipple lift and areola reduction. The after shot was taken only 6 weeks after the procedure when scars are more visible – these will diminish significantly over time. The breasts will also assume their final shape once the recovery process has finished.