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Facelift surgery is a cosmetic procedure commonly used to tighten and smooth out facial skin, making the patient look more youthful, radiant and relaxed.

What is it?

  • A facelift is a surgical procedure to tighten and smooth facial skin, giving a more youthful, rested look.
  • It can lift a heavy brow or forehead and smooth the skin around the eyes, cheeks , nose mouth chin and neck.

What it can’t do

  • A facelift can not repair sun damaged skin, eliminate deep wrinkles, or remove bags under the eyes.
  • See our procedure for facial peeling, dermal fillers and eyelids surgery for correcting these.

What’s involved?

  • Your surgeon will make an incision following your hairline from our temple down to your ear and around your earlobe on both sides.
  • Excess fat from around your upper face is removed and your facial muscles tightened.
  • Your skin is then pulled up across your face, trimmed and sewn.
  • Metal clips may also be used to prevent your skin from sagging.
  • The scar will mostly be hidden in your hairline and around the back of your ears to minimize the visible scarring.
  • Eyelid surgery (blepharoplast) is often performed at the same time as a facelift to achieve an all over refreshed look.
  • The whole operation can take up to four hours to complete and is performed under a general anaesthetic.
  • You will probably stay in hospital overnight.

Your recovery

  • Bandages will be applied around you head after the procedure, which you will need to keep in place for up to five days.
  • Recovery time is dependent upon the extent of your surgery.
  • On average, you will be able to resume normal activities within three to six weeks.

Possible side effects

  • Side effects from facelift surgery are usually temporary and can include:
  • Nausea from the general anaesthetic bruising and swelling of the face tight or sore skin for several days
  • Mild pain easily alleviated with pain killers

Your results

  • On average you can expect to look around seven to ten years younger when you have fully recovered from your facelift.
  • The benefits will last around eight to ten years although this will depend on the elasticity of your skin and your lifestyle.
  • Factors including diet. body weight and exposure to sunlight will affect your overall results and of course your skin will continue to age in the normal way.

Don’t fancy surgery?

Then why not see if a non surgical face lift is appropriate for you?

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implant-replacement-and-breast-uplift-before-and-after-photos-1 implant-replacement-and-breast-uplift-before-and-after-photos-2

This patient had undertaken a breast augmentation in 2001 with PIP 430cc implants. She also had low nipples with the right side lower. As part of a safety precaution and to correct the nipple the patient undertook implant replacement combined with an uplift. Following the consultation it was decided the PIP implants were to be replaced with Allergan TSX 560cc High Profile implants and with a short transverse scar mastopexy performed alongside. One year on and the scar has faded well; the patient is extremely pleased with her results.

breast-lift-before-and-after-photos-uk-2 breast-lift-before-and-after-photos-1

This patient chose to have her Allergan 260cc CUI implants removed and to undergo a breast lift procedure to ensure the best possible shape following the removal. The implants were intact when they were removed and Adrian Richards then carried out a short transverse scar mastopexy. An areola reduction to narrow the width of the nipples was also performed. The scars in the after photograph show that they are healing well, within a year they will have faded to a silvery colour and become far less noticeable.