MACS Facelifts

This procedure was developed in Europe and because it is not a full face lift with a scar behind the ears is a type of mini Facelift.

The initials in MACS stand for:

Minimal Access- A shortened scar which does not go behind the ear

Cranial Suspension- internal stiches are used to lift the deep layers of the face. These are secured to the Cranial fascia which is a firm layer under the hairline

A MACS Facelift is ideal for people:

  1. Between the ages of 35-60
  2. Who are mainly concerned about their cheeks and jowls
  3. Who have some but not too much extra skin in their necks

A MACS lift is not suitable for anyone whose primary concerns is a lot of extra loose skin in their necks. For these people a full face lift or neck lift is more appropriate. A neck lift is a form of mini-facelift which focuses mainly on lifting and tightening the skin of the neck.

The advantages of a MACS facelift over a full face lift are:

– A quicker recover period

– Less scarring behind the ear- scars in this area often mean that women will not be able to wear their hair back and the scar may be visible on men with short hair.