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A mini-face lift is a term used to describe any operation that is not a full face lift. There is no clear definition of what a mini-face lift is.

A face lift can be described as mini if it:

  1. Involves a quicker recovery than other techniques
  2. If it involves a shorter scar
  3. If the area under the skin is not frees as far as in a full facelift
  4. If materials such as threads, barbs or cones are used to hold the lifted tissue

If you are considering a mini-face lift it is important to realise that these techniques generally do not lift the facial tissue as much as a full face lift. They are usually used for people that:

  • Are too young for a full facelift
  • Want a very natural subtle rejuvenation
  • Do not want too long a recovery period

If you are considering a mini-face lift it is important that you understand exactly what the procedure involves and why it is being used on you. You should also ask to see at least 5 before and after pictures of people who have had the same procedure

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 tuberous-breasts-before-and-after-photos-1  tuberous-breasts-before-and-after-photos-2

29 year old patient has mildly tuberous breasts characterised by slightly low nipple position and wide areolas. She was treated by Adrian Richards with a bilateral breast augmentation using a Nagor IMP-MR 330cc implants on both sides. The implant was placed in front of the muscle. An areola reduction was also performed, reducing the width of the areola and lifting the areola to a slightly higher position. The scars would be expected to fade over the subsequent months to a silvery line which can be treated with medical grading tattooing to further conceal them.

 breast-enlargement-before-and-after-photos-1 breast-enlargement-before-and-after-photos-2

These breasts of this patient were slightly constricted, with a short distance between the natural fold and the nipple though with a normal gap between the breasts. Rather than with tuberous breasts which are narrow at the base all around the breast, constricted breasts are usually only narrow at the bottom part of the breast. Treatment included the insertion of Nagor High Profile 330cc implants placed under the muscle combined with lowering the inframmary fold at the base of the breast, resulting in a fuller and more natural appearance to that part of the bust.

breast-enlargement-and-inverted-nipple-correction--before-and-after-photos-1  breast-enlargement-and-inverted-nipple-correction--before-and-after-photos-2-1

Patient underwent combined breast enlargement and inverted nipple correction procedures in 2012. Nipple Inversion grade 3 on both sides was corrected, as for the breast enlargement procedure the patient elected to go for a natural look going from breast cup A to cup C which best suits her petite figure. These 2 procedures combined is common practice at our company.