How the face ages

35-45 YEARS



  • The skin tends to develop areas of mild mixed pigmentation and there is a moderate decrease in its thickness

Gravitational lines

  • The eyebrow descends slightly and the upper eyelid can become heavier
  • The prominence of the cheek moves downwards producing an elongation in the height of the lower eyelid
  • The nasolabial lines coming downwards from below the side of the nose to the side of the mouth deepen
  • The jaw line can become less defined with the early formation of jowls

Active lines

  • Lines caused by contraction of the underlying muscles deepen. These are located in:
    + The frown areas between the eyebrows
    + Across the forehead
    + In the crows feet area


  • The lower part of the face begins to loose volume particularly around the mouth and lips

45-55 YEARS


  • The skin changes progress with increased mixed pigmentation, loss of thickness and hydration

Gravitational lines

  • The jaw line softens with increasing jowl formation

Active lines

  • The active lines produced by underlying muscle activity continue to deepen


  • The cheeks, lips and area around the mouth slowly loose volume producing a less rounded appearence

55-65 YEARS


  • The changes in the skin continue due to ultra-violet light exposure

Gravitational lines

  • The facial changes continue with an increase in the width of the lower section and a reduction in the upper area
  • During this period the neck often looses its definition with increased laxity in this region

Active lines

  • The active lines between the eyebrows, across the forehead and in the crows feet area continue to deepen


The upper part of the face and area around the mouth continue to loose volume

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