Gravity affects the forehead by lowering the eyebrows. The muscle which elevates the eyebrows is called the frontalis. It is a flat broad muscle which lies under the skin. When in contracts its fibres shorten and it elevates the eyebrows. In order to keep the eyebrows up the frontalis muscle contracts causing furrows to appear across the forehead.
Brow lift operations

The position of the eyebrow is very important – in men it tends to be lower and flatter and lies at the border of the eye socket. In women it tends to be higher and more arched. In women a low flat eyebrow position characteristically gives the face a tired sad appearance.

There are a number of techniques to elevate the eyebrow. This can be achieved by an operation or by selectively weakening the muscles which pull the eyelid down with Botox™ injections.
Brow lift operations are either performed by open or closed techniques. In the open technique an incision is made across the scalp or in the hairline. The muscles are directly viewed and can be selectively weakened. The eyebrows and forehead skin are then elevated and any excess skin removed.

In the closed or endoscopic technique narrow telescopes are inserted under the skin of the forehead though small cuts in within hair line. The muscles are seen and selectively weakened. The forehead skin and eyebrows are freed allowing them to rise. Most commonly the forehead is secured in its new position with internal stitches.

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