Recent figures have shown a 50% increase in the number of people undergoing facial rejuvenation procedures during the last year. Why are more people considering these forms of treatment? Many people tell me that they don’t like having their photograph taken and feel as if they would like to look fresher and less tired. Patients often tell us that they believe their face does not match the way they feel.

In contrast to the United States most people considering any form of treatment want to look as natural as possible. Realistically treatments can make you look as you did 8-10 years ago.

To achieve a natural fresh appearance it is important to address each of the following: The skin, active wrinkles caused by muscle contractions and gravity changes. For some people dramatic improvements can be achieved with skin treatments which involve minimal downtime and cost.

Skin treatments alone can make you look much fresher and brighter. These treatments are typically performed with either laser therapy or a light chemical peel. This removes fine wrinkles, reduces pore size and causes mild skin contraction. These combine to make the skin look fresher and more youthful.

Active wrinkles caused by muscle contraction are typically found between the eyebrows (frown lines), on the forehead and below the temple (crows feet). As these lines are caused by muscle contraction they are best treated by selectively reducing the overactive muscle activity in these areas. This best performed with small injections into specific muscles.

Gravity changes include descent of the cheek region which causes deepening of the lines which come down from the nose to corner of the mouth. Other changes include loss of the jaw line and jowl formation. The neck skin can also loosen and the sharp angle between the neck and chin is lost.

Gravity changes are best treated with Surgery as the muscle layers of the face need to be repositioned in their previous position. In the forties and early fifties it is often best to have a Mini-face lift (MACS-lift). This elevates the cheek, jowl and neck regions and restores a more youthful face shape.

Most people in their mid to late fifties or older are more suited to more traditional face lift techniques (SMAS-lifts). These techniques specifically tighten the neck and jowl regions.

In order to find out which treatment would be best for you it is best to schedule and appointment for an individual assessment. Consultations are in the strictest confidence and can be arranged with either Mr Richards or his Nurse specialists.

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