Tubular and Constricted Breast Correction

Tubular and constricted breasts are conditions which you are born with and affect the shape of your breasts. The cause of these conditions is not known but is not thought to be associated with diet, weight loss or other life-style choices.

We do not know how common this condition is, but it is certainly more common than generally thought. Everyone has differences in the shape and size of their breasts, but this is not a topic which is commonly discussed.

Tuberous and constricted breasts vary from mild to severe cases with the following features

  1. A narrow base to the breast producing an elongated appearance
  2. A raised infra-mammary fold (the fold under your breast)
  3. A widened and raised areolar (the brown area around your nipple)
  4. Differences between your breast sizes and the position of your nipple

The best solution for you depends on your balance of the above 4 factors with each being treated in the following way

  1. Widening of the breast base with internal release and stretching it with an implant, a tissue expander (an inflatable implant) or fat transfer.
  2. Lowering and releasing the breast fold from inside your breasts
  3. Reducing the width of your areolar and lifting its position
  4. Adding or removing volume to your smaller or larger breast

How do I find out my options?

Schedule a virtual consultation – This is my preferred way of meeting initially.  It will allow me and my team to discuss your aims and concerns and run through options.  Following this I will send you a letter summarizing our discussion and outlying a proposed treatment plan.  You will also receive a quote for surgery and specific information about your proposed procedure.

We can then schedule and in-person consultation if you feel you may wish to consider surgery.  In this meeting I will take detailed measurements and we will discuss the pros, cons & risks of surgery.

Following this meeting you will be introduced to your personal patient coordinator who will:

  • Give you further information specific to your proposed procedure
  • Discuss possible dates for surgery
  • Take you through your journey from consultation to your 6 week post-op appointment

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